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Aligning Shafts for Rotating Machinery

N Line Industrial brings precision and connectivity to industry with laser shaft and optical alignment systems.

Benefits of laser alignment 


Cloud-enabled laser shaft alignment system
  •  Mobile connectivity: RFID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and camera
  •  Tablet-like capacitive touchscreen with 3D display
  •  Multi-coupling Shaft measurement up to 6 couplings
  •  Vertical machine alignment
  •  Uncoupled alignment
  • Measure Thermal growth in real-time 
  • Soft foot diagnosis


The game-changer in laser-optical alignment

  • Touchscreen display   WiFi compatible   Bluetooth
  • Water and dustproof to IP 65
  • Continuous SWEEP measurement
  •  Simultaneous real-time machine corrections in both horizontal and vertical directions (Live Move)
  • Soft foot detection

Rotalign EX

Intrinsically safe

ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 certified. Avoid 'hot work permits' and save time.

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